50 million hit wonder – A Spoken word that touched deep

Prince EA

26 May 2016

50 million hit wonder – A Spoken word that touched deep

To make people realize the importance of renewable solutions in our society we wanted to launch the Pre-order the Future project with a big bang. A simple website would not have been enough!

With the great thinker and visionary spoken word artist Prince Ea onboard as our Futurologist we decided to create a launch film that not only entertains but has an important message.

When we shot the film in the freezing cold volcanic lowlands of Iceland none of us had a clue of the impact it would make when going viral. When Prince Ea posted the video on his Facebook page it received 30 million hits in under a week. After several weeks the number has now grown to 50 million. And it’s not only the views that show how our message came across; there’s also 450 000 likes and nearly 90 000 comments posted about the video.

We are extremely thankful and inspired by the feedback we have received on the project and our work for a better tomorrow will continue through the summer.

Check out the 50 million hit wonder and join the exploration of a renewable future.

What people thinks

  • Yohan 28 May 2016

    I needed that, got many ideas going to waste