A Farewell to Cubicles

Future of Public Space

10 Mar 2016

A Farewell to Cubicles

Just another day at the office

Office life is still much the same as it always was with the same old daily routine. The monotony of working life can give rise to concerns around motivation and the general health of the employees. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and people often have several part-time jobs and growing number of employees would prefer to work from home.

Rethink the way you work

It’s not about working more; it’s about working more efficiently. We wanted to create a space that helps you work when you want and where you want.
It’s about adjusting the work–life balance. With our creation you can use public spaces in a totally new way and combine your work with the more important things in life: family and friends.

The Future is in organic and living designs

We were keen to create an approachable and friendly design based upon forms found in nature. Nature was also something that we wanted to imitate from a technical perspective so we created an organic and living design that reacts to sunlight and ambient sounds. This is made possible by technology that enables designers to create complex designs without having to worry about the structural side of things. Future materials use new innovative solutions made from completely renewable materials.

What people thinks

  • Holley Jacobs 1 May 2016

    The future of Public Spaces touches me in so many personal and deeply emotional levels; I am beside myself. I am 40 years old and have spent the past five years back in college. I went to college in my youth and became a nurse. I loved my job. Then my health failed, and I could no longer psychically keep up with the demands of the job. At the same time, I was suffering in a brutual domestic violence filled marriage. After 17 years, my son and I escaped, moved halfway across the country and started over. That is when I began to dream again.

    I went back to college and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Internet Marketing/New Media. It is a far cry from nursing but a labor of love none the less. I found my love of marketing by volunteering during my marriage as a way to escape. The dream that had me wanted my internet marketing business tailored to the nonprofit organizations that helped me escape my hell.

    After I had graduated, another dream enveloped me and said, “Don’t stop, there is more for you to do.” So, I entered my Master’s program and just graduated in February 2016 with a degree in Management majoring in Leadership. I love being a leader. I love the team work and the passion that authentic leaders have for everyone. It, too, is my calling.

    Throughout this time, I found my creative side in the digital world creating digital art online. It is my solace, my peaceful place. I create it with so much passion I can’t breathe at times. I offer my art online not to make money from it as all of the proceeds my art brings in are donated to nonprofit organizations.

    Dreams were taking hold of me left and right; I wanted to learn how to write grants, so I could “pay it forward” to the nonprofits that are so overlooked in today’s fast-paced high paying jobs lifestyle. So, I flew halfway across the country and took a grant writing class that had been a dream in the back of my head for over ten years.

    Now, here I am…..internet marketer, web designer, digital artist, grant writer, advocate against domestic violence and advocate for Autism Acceptance as my son has Autism, manager, leader, mom, and the list goes on and on. Personal dreams fill head of traveling all over the world and seeing the sunset from every continent……and at the same time yearn to adopt a child even though my son is 18 and on his way to college.

    I sit here at my computer in tears as I write this. The nay-sayers have come out now and see my accomplishments since April 2, 2010. They say I have to choose. They say I can’t have it all. They say I’m crazy. They say I need to “STOP LIVING MY DREAMS”

    I just finished watching “Everybody Dies, but Not Everybody Lives” which brought me to this website and ultimately to this blog post.

    “You can’t go back and make a brand new beginning, but you can start now and make a brand new ending.”
    ~ Prince Ea

    Those nay-sayers words are falling on these deaf ears because I now have let go of that DOUBT that they were injecting into my veins……I can have everything I have worked for over the past six years…..and the Future Of Public Space is my salvation….

    Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, soul, mind, and spirit……I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!

    ~ Holley Jacobs

    • neste 2 May 2016

      Thank you Holley for sharing your inspirational story! Keep pursuing your dreams and inspiring others with your actions.

  • Kurt Schenerlein 30 Apr 2016

    How we work and live and how we interact and share ideas needs to more resemble Arcosanti, less like L.A. . . .
    Look up Acrosanti [basic concept of integrated live, work, play (entertain), and Grow (the part Paolo Soleri pretty much left out) in a city.] It’s an idea worth pursuing as we move foward.