Pre-order the Future is not merely a future-oriented project, but a holistic way of thinking. To build a better future for our planet, we need to have a continuous urge for making better decisions. Thus, in recent years, Neste has invested in processing and refining renewable fuels and materials. Our production plants now manufacture high-quality renewables using waste as their raw material. Neste bio plastic, for example, is a groundbreaking new material which has an incredibly diminished carbon footprint due to it’s sustainable manufacturing process, but also because it is able to bond carbon dioxide to itself, clarifying the atmosphere.

The objective of the Pre-Order the Future project is to research alternatives that help build a better future for our planet. EduCycle, the augmented reality game on climate change, was born as a part of this entity. EduCycle enables understanding the causes and effects our choices have on our environment and quality of everyday life.

Other concepts

Five futuristic product and service concepts were born during the Pre-Order the Future project. EduCycle, the augmented learning environment, was chosen as the winning concept.  Learn more about the four other innovative concepts  below!

The renewable connected pod is a multifunctional space that combines home and office. Public spaces will never be the same after the this.

Customizable and EEG controllable headphones with active noise cancelling.

Renewable Ticket – a way to travel the world with renewable fuels.

CleanTrail is a one-click plugin enabling sustainable delivery of goods and services.


The jury of the Pre-Order the Future project are all experts in their own field of knowledge, but united in their shared concern for the environment, and passion to prevent climate change. The jury consists of Prince Ea, Kaisa Hietala, Jaana Beidler, Matti Lievonen and Veera Vihmo.

1116 Ideas

To find the winning Pre-Order the Future concept for further development, we asked our innovative followers to send us ideas about product and service concepts, that would enhance a better future for the planet. We were blown away by the amount of responses that followed, a total of 1116 ideas!


You might have seen Prince Ea in his blue jacket in the middle of a glacier, talking about the choice to grasp our dreams, about the choice to truly live. The video has been seen by 550 million others, too - a reach we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams. Discover more videos with an important message, and share to make a difference!