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Neste launched the EduCycle Exchange program with the primary goal to teach children around the world about climate change – and how to prevent it with daily decisions. Whilst 20 schools were chosen to receive the EduCycle game, Neste’s initial aim is to spread climate change education as far and wide as possible. To do so, we want to grant everyone free access to the EduCycle Exchange materials, so that anyone, anywhere may easily incorporate climate change education to any educational program.

Below, you will find a comprehensive, but fun and modern tool for teaching your children or students about climate change: the EduCycle Exchange Tasks. The tasks are divided into three sections, each of which teach about the effects, causes and decisions related to climate change. The tasks can easily be incorporated into regular school courses, and are suitable for students of all ages and levels.

1st task


Learn about the effects of climate change in a fun and interactive way!

Please download this task for free by clicking the button below.

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2nd task


Do you know which factors cause climate change in your home region?

Available week 43

3rd task


Climate change can be prevented with everyday decisions – what’s yours?

Available week 45

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