Forward towards renewable plastics

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11 Mar 2016

Forward towards renewable plastics

Look around you – chances are that you’re surrounded by plastics. From your computer and earphones to synthetic clothing materials, packaging, and auto parts, plastic is everywhere. As you know, plastic isn’t Mother Nature’s number one choice – but we can produce it from renewable raw materials, reducing the negative impact on the environment, while maintaining plastic’s durability and versatility.

Neste is on a constant lookout for new areas in which renewable bioplastics can be used. We’ve had talks with some leading manufacturers who would like to produce and package their goods in a more sustainable way. We believe that others will follow suit.

The use for plastics might even increase in the future. You may already have a 3D printer. As more and more people 3D print their things, there’s a growing demand for 21st-century plastics that are based on genuine innovation, rather than on fossil fuels.

Pre-order the future showcases an imaginative concept that uses renewable plastics in creating an imaginative entertainment experience. Take a look.

What people thinks

  • John T Burke 3 Jun 2016

    Your site inspires me! To consider giving ideas to many others to improve on, is a great way to get things done! The wrong way sign on the highway is a good example! Have you seen one, were you going way? Let’s change it!