It’s time to move forward


7 Mar 2016

It’s time to move forward

People all over the world are beginning to realize that we can’t sustain future life without drastic changes in the ways we use natural resources. The days of abundant fossil fuels are gone and Neste is ready to rise for the occasion.

We’re already the leading producer of renewable diesel in the world. Neste Renewable Diesel is a low-carbon drop-in fuel that is not only high performance but also reduces emissions up to 90% (or up to 80%).

However satisfying that might be, it simply isn’t enough. We want to blaze a trail in the use of alternative, renewable components. Your input matters in this endeavor. Pre-order the future is an open project in which we work jointly with industry professionals and the public to create pioneering, renewable products and services. We’ve now hand-picked five concepts for you to gauge. You can support your favorite or submit an own idea easily on this website.

The winning idea will be made into a prototype and launched in January 2017. See what the future has in store for you and participate now.

What people thinks

  • Bonnie Friesen 21 Apr 2016

    I am so moved by what you are doing Prince. It really is time to think outside the box of what we have all been conditioned to believe is the only way. I totally agree it is time for quantum leaps in consciousness. It is also time for us to move beyond our fight or flight and us/against them conditioning. We can and must work together on this path I call the WOW path. I would love to work along with you Prince. I hope we can meet. My niece took her life two years ago, leaving her young son without a mother. No one who has discovered their own unique gifts makes a choice like this. It is time to see that every beautiful soul coming into this world is supported in developing the gifts and sharing the unique gifts that they came here to share with this world. I share your vision.

    • neste 28 Apr 2016

      Thank you Bonnie for your kind words. This is a project that we all can build together and create a better world for future generations!