Renewed learning calls for renewable tools

Future of Learning

12 Apr 2016

Renewed learning calls for renewable tools

Finnish education has been a pioneer for quite some time. Investments made in education have paid off, making Finland a relatively highly skilled and advanced society. An increasing number of education professionals have shown interest towards digitalization as a means of improving learning results. We believe that giving children better opportunities to cope with a changing world and to succeed should be a top priority in any society.

Technology helps children connect the dots in unprecedented ways. As education shifts from narrowly defined subjects to phenomenon-based learning, devices and apps can be highly valuable. Pupils can combine different subjects and ideas and make use of powerful search engines and vast libraries or collections that are available online. For example, history comes alive with documents, film, images, and other sources that are accessible through a smart pad. Math games and visual models inspire the imagination, reading the news and hearing native speech improve language studies, and so forth. Or how about a renewable paint that helps illustrate the laws of electricity?

As technology advances in the classroom, we are eager to make it more sustainable. Bioplastics and other renewable raw materials benefit both the environment and our children. Renewing education is a major step forward. Let’s begin today.

What people thinks

  • norm lee 24 Apr 2016

    As a Children’s Advocate for over 50 years I’ve been talking to young parents about replacing authoritative reward/punishment family style with Democratic Discipline and abolishment of ALL forms of punishment/humiliation. Children are born with Basic Goodness, with the drive for learning as strong as for eating. Given a safe place to explore, and time, they will eagerly learn – without lessons or teachers – what they need to know about the world and all that’s in it. As small children their small minds cannot learn conceptually, only by watching their parents. In my career as a professor of philosophy of education, I recommended doing away with compulsory education and public schools, turning them into Community Learning Centers modeled by the very best libraries, open to all ages. In today’s world we need to open ways for lifelong learning thru self education. In such tax-supported centers classes are offered for voluntary attendance with no grades, no rewards, no punishment. Public schooling is obsolete, and, as Psychiatrist Eric Erickson famously said, “The purpose of public schools is to police, to babysit, and to break spirit.” And it has been so successful that reform has always failed. – author of Parenting Without Punishing.

    • neste 28 Apr 2016

      Thank you Norm for sharing your expertise! There will definitely be new ways of learning in the future that the most of us wouldn’t even believe. Technological development is something that both can help learning and guide it into a totally new direction. Technology may also change the meaning of schools in a large scale – but that remains to be seen!