These reality-bending concepts guide the light to future learning

Future of Learning

14 Jun 2016

These reality-bending concepts guide the light to future learning

New groundbreaking technological innovations are being created all the time – there are probably many mind-blowingly brilliant ideas being demoed right now. Although we’re only halfway through 2016 it seems to become a year of the children – or should I say future adults. The first half of the year has brought major innovations that lead the way into the future of learning. When it comes to learning technologies the reality-bending VR and AR applications seem to be the vanguards together with 3D printing.

“Technology is changing the way we do things. I like the fact that there are fun ways of learning coding for instance – you immediately see the outcome that is something fun and tangible. Technology makes it easier to visualize complex phenomena in an understandable manner,” says Neste’s marketing specialist Ulla Kotila.

Here are some of the greatest trends that represent the first step towards future learning.


1. Google Science Journal

The new Google app let’s you collect scientific data about things happening around you. Using the highly developed technical features of your Android smartphone the app can measure and record acceleration and analyze different levels of light and sound. Science Journal is part of Google’s Making & Science initiative that encourages people to discover the science of things in their everyday lives.


2.Mover Kit by TWSU

Coding has become a booming trend in the future learning. Many small companies are aiming to hit the jackpot with a coding app or device by putting it up for crowdfunding. The Mover Kit is a little helper that can be used as a wristband, bike light and a coding instructor. It helps children over 8 years old to understand the basics of electronics and programming in a proper childish way.


3. Povi

This soft doll looks like your ordinary toy but it has an ‘emotional intelligence content platform’ built inside. The cute doll can deliver thousands of stories and 30 hours of conversational recordings, all stored within the toy for offline use.


4. Sony’s Interactive tabletop

Sony’s prototype is an interactive projector that combines depth sensors, motion tracking and futuristic hologram technology to create a story book of the future. The prototype shows an ordinary story book turning into interactive animated lessons.


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