Top 5 innovations you didn’t believe could actually exist


13 May 2016

Top 5 innovations you didn’t believe could actually exist

Craziest innovation concepts from energy harvesting chairs to kinetic energy collectors on motorways.

After launching the Pre-order the Future project less than three weeks ago we have received hundreds of extremely innovative ideas from all around the world. Here’s a little inspiration boost of the greatest and craziest ideas submitted by YOU.


1. My precious
A ring that absorbs heat from the human body

Whether you are working out at the gym or riding your bike on the highway, the ring harvests excess energy through your skin. All the energy collected may then be used to charge your electronic devices.


2. Sort it out
Automatically sorting garbage cans

Garbage cans that automatically separate different materials and recognize the person that uses it. Garbage cans are to be distributed throughout the city and connected to a website where people can see each other’s contributions. This creates a community that encourages people to help out and start using the cans themselves.


3. Plants suck
Plant walls that absorb pollution from the air

Our skies are full of pollution and in there are some places where fresh air simply can’t be taken for granted. One idea that was submitted involves growing plants on the walls of buildings. The plants would have the ability to absorb the pollution and freshen the air with little maintenance.


4. Roll on down the highway
Kinetic energy collectors on motorways

Humans need to travel in our modern society. If we placed energy generating rollers on highways and motorways each car could create energy. Just like a hamster does on a wheel.



5. An excuse for laziness
An energy harvesting chair

Feel like the energy harvesting ring wasn’t your thing? No worries – there’s also a way to cut down on energy use by just chilling. Modern working life requires a lot of sitting around and our bodies generate a lot of heat during the day. The heat could be harvested through our seats to power your electronics. Piece of cake!

We are very impressed by the hundreds of ideas submitted on the website and in the forth coming weeks will be sharing a fresh bunch of the greatest innovations for your pleasure. So stay tuned for more and don’t forget to speak up and share your ideas.

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Markus Malmberg
Community Manager
Pre-order the Future

What people thinks

  • Mike miller 4 Jun 2016

    Would like to see more of your stuff!

  • Will 29 May 2016

    Kinetic energy wheels would take power from cars which would have to make up for it by using more gas. You would only get a negative environmental impact since ICE engines are much less efficient than large scale power generation facilities.

  • Rasheed Akhtar 28 May 2016

    These are the marvels of human mind, knowledge n technology. It works wonders.