You’d have to be a bird to fly more cleanly

Future of Travel

9 Mar 2016

You’d have to be a bird to fly more cleanly

Traveling has relied on fossil fuels since the advent of steamships. Here is good news for you: we can change that and make your trips more sustainable than before.

As you know, kerosene-fuelled flights emit notorious levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. However, Neste’s renewable jet fuels give airlines and passengers an opportunity to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Major players, such as Lufthansa and Boeing, have already partnered with us and we’re determined to make future air travel as clean and sound as possible.

Neste Renewable Diesel is a low-carbon drop-in fuel that is not only high performance but also reduces emissions up to 90% (or up to 80%). Some forward-looking cities, such as San Francisco, CA, already power their municipal fleets with Neste’s renewable diesel. Our North American partners also distribute renewable diesel to consumers. Based on their enthusiasm, renewable diesel has become a hot commodity among progressive West Coast drivers!

The future of travel might not involve spaceships, but it certainly can be cleaner, environmentally healthier, and more efficient than today. Renewable fuels, used in better engines, are the way forward. Share your thoughts and hop on the sustainable trail today.

What people thinks

  • Mike Sakuda 15 May 2016

    Can we make or is there a artificial gas that is lighter than air that is not flammable? Maybe combining blimp style airplanes that are light with jet propulsion can help? Airplane skin can be solar. There are ion batteries out there they are using in autos that are electric that are more efficient. If I am not mistaken there is a weed that grows abundantly in South America and some parts of North America that uses photosynthesis process that stores solar power for the winter months to survive.

  • louie gonzales 27 Apr 2016

    while green fuel is great for mass transit abd its about time for it..,millions of people are also using solar power and wind power ,growth in these fields is immense .. we should try developing greener batteries and panels,that are both efficient and recyclable and affordable as well and solar or a combination of wind power also should be developed to be more sensitive ..use affordable technology to help poor nations develop spread the love!

    • Kurt Schenerlein 30 Apr 2016

      Excellent idea Louie, The Greener batteries and sustainably produced solar panels. Development takes money, why don’t you suggest it to the organization Billions in Change. Look it up, it’s worth looking at!

  • Katie 22 Apr 2016

    I just don’t know enough about the options that exist and the safety of those options. I feel like an infant in these topics, but everyday i’m learning a little more and i’m so inspired by all you sustainable future green thinkers out there! I hope I can join you when i catch up on my knowledge base. I completely support a greener switch over of some kind for air travel 100% and I would buy a ticket slightly more expensive than alternatives if it was within my reach!

    • neste 28 Apr 2016

      Hi Katie! I’m glad you appreciate our project goals. I wish you share your thoughts on the website throughout this project because everybody’s word counts – you don’t have to be an expert to make a change for the better!